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Public Meeting - Wednesday, January 29, 2020, 6:30-7:30, Pine Grove Grange, 2835 Van Horn Dr., Hood River, OR


EFID, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Farmers Conservation Alliance, in cooperation with Bonneville Power Administration, have developed a draft Watershed Plan - Environmental Assessment to modernize irrigation infrastructure in EFID.  These improvements would help EFID and its irrigators to conserve water, reduce energy use, improve operational efficiencies, increase public safety, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat in the Hood River watershed.  This project would complement prior and ongoing modernization projects in EFID.  To learn more about the project and how to submit comments, please visit or call Farmers Conservation Alliance at

(541) 716-6085.


2019 EFID Water Sample 


The District bills its patrons in mid-October of the year preceding the irrigation season. Payment is due no later than April 1st of the following year. Reminder statements are sent in late February. The District assesses a late fee of $70 if not paid by the due date. The District is not set up to accept credit or debit cards.


24-Hour Notice Required When Turning Irrigation Water On or Off: Monitoring canal and pipeline water levels is a difficult task. To help insure that water levels are adequate for everyone’s use, we require a 24-hour notice whenever large users (primarily orchardists and hay growers) turn on or off more than 50 gallons per minute. This is a courtesy not only to the District, but also to other users in your area. If a member of the staff is not available when you call, please leave a message on the message line—messages are checked regularly throughout the week. It is also very helpful to indicate the number of sprinklers or gallons per minute you are requesting. Turning on without notification causes drops in the canal level and turning off a large number of sprinklers can result in canal overflow or breach.