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East Fork Irrigation District is located in the Upper Hood River Valley in the small town of Odell, OR. It was founded in 1914 as a Municipal Corporation of the State of Oregon, after the collapse of the East Fork Irrigating Company. The sole purpose of the District is to deliver irrigation water to properties within its territory. Today, this includes approximately 940 customers and 9,494 irrigated acres. 

The District consists of one Main canal system which diverts water directly from the East Fork Hood River in Parkdale, OR and runs North until it switches into our secondary systems to deliver water through either ditch or pipe to our customers.


Providing irrigation water efficiently and equitably.

EFID has one point of diversion (POD) from the East Fork Hood River. Irrigation water is
diverted for both EFID and Mt. Hood Irrigation District (MHID) from the POD. The unlined Main Canal varies from 20 – 10 feet wide with an average depth of 2.5 feet. This canal carries all the water for both districts. MHID has two PODs along the Main Canal totaling 12.65 cfs. There is a series of 3 silt settling pits on the Main Canal. The Main Canal serves about 550 acres.
Approximately 6.5 miles down the Main Canal, the district has a traveling screen and diversion. At this diversion structure water is diverted to Dukes Valley/Highline Canals and to the Central Lateral Pipeline which supplies water to the Central area and to the Eastside Canal.
The unlined Dukes Valley Canal is approximately 10 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 5 miles long flowing in a north and westerly direction. A short section of old flume is still in place along the Dukes Valley Canal. This canal serves about 1900 acres. The unlined Highline Canal is very narrow with an average width of 2 feet. This canal flows in the west and southerly direction serving 155 acres.
The Central Lateral Pipeline varies from 72” - 60” Weholite pipe, 48” HDPE pipe to 30” steel pipe flowing in the northeasterly direction approximately 4.5 miles before discharging into the Eastside Canal. There are seven main laterals off the Central Lateral Pipeline. The Central Lateral Pipeline serves 3700 acres.
The unlined Eastside Canal flows in the northerly direction approximately 4.5 miles before it is piped. The open canal varies from 14 to 4 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep. The lower eastside is piped to within 1 mile of the Columbia River. The Eastside Canal and pipeline serves 3300 acres.

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